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July 09, 2007


Hey Steve,

Are you living?

Anyway, here we are in Granada, Nicaragua, in my beatiful house.

Let me know if we can get together and have a drink.

My uncle somehow got his hands on a bottle just like this. But has never opened it.

Don't know why.

you should prove to mix beer Victoria with flor de caña (etiqueta negra), we will already see as you drop it

After my first trek to Honduras, I got to taste this wonderful liquor. I never was a rum drinker until I tried this wonderful bit of alcoholic heaven. I brought 3 bottles back with me. Two years later, I found my way to Nicaragua. I brought 5 bottles back. I battled from opening the last bottle, but after several years, I could no longer resist. I'm half way through that bottle now. I wish Flora would produce it a little more for easier access, just like Bacardi did. Flora de Cana is such a superior rum it's crazy. You are right, of all the people I've shared it with simply love it.

Flora De Cana Grand Reserve is a fine rum that seems close to whisky in nature. It’s the lack of that heavy molasses sweetness, found in lesser rums, that makes this rum special. It isn’t as bold as a Jamaican rum (Appleton) not does it have the flavour profile of a Cuban or Demerara rum but it is one of those rums you should try.

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