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June 12, 2007


I'm so glad you had a good experience for your 2nd visit!

Absolutely gorgeous! That first photo you snapped is stunning!

Sorry Steve, another place I gotta visit:)

Sam, you can't and shouldn't miss it.

Stacey and Mike, all in all I probably cut Ometepe a little slack. Certainly memories are always golden and it's hard for anything to live up to them.

But going back I felt like nothing had really changed for the worse and all the reasons I still loved it were still there.

yeah I was going to say, now you've found out it's still as beautiful, you have to delete all mentions to it and make sure no-one else goes :-)

I really wish everyone visiting such amazing places did it with the respect you obviously have. Then we wouldn't have areas littered and spoiled, or stripped of their resources.

I found this interesting article via New Scientist magazine: 'The last place on earth - true outposts on an overcrowded planet'


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