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June 07, 2007


Good luck with going back.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... go looking for new things.

I think it depends on the draw of the place in question. If it is a natural beauty that attracts visitors to its untouched wonders, and people "know" about it, the unfortunate trend seems to be that we (humans) will ruin it over time! However, if the site has some kind of man-made draw to it (perhaps a cultural center), it is quite possible it will improve and even flourish over time. To me, Buenos Aires is an example of a place that has definitely improved over the years.

Now I find this very interesting!

In my opinion you are blessed to be affected so very deeply by the beauty of the places you visit - what I mean is that for me, I'd go anywhere and live in a place not best known for its allure (okay Cannock) if it meant I was surrounded by the people I loved and felt part of a community, to get up each day and also breathe in the spectacular atmosphere of a given place seems an unattainable bonus to me.

There are parts of Wales that I am in love with, and I have no doubt that getting out of bed in the Seychelles every morning would take my breath away - but if my family and friends were hours away, I'd soon tire of it - never mind how spoilt or unspoilt it was.

So I think in answer to your question - my view would be yes, by all means go back but don't be too disappointed that people have somehow spoiled the place - that's what people do. Yes I can see it's heartbreaking but enjoy it for what it still is with the people you love.

I continue to be inspired and made to think every time I visit your blog by what you are doing and your wonderful pictures, so thank you, and sorry if it sounds like I'm going off on one.

Thanks all. Ozlady. Good advice and I did. More soon.

Rob, agreed also and I badly want to go to Buenas Aries sometime soon.

Linda, you didn't go off on one. I am a very lucky person to live like I do. While half of it may be down to choosing to live like this and having the bravery to do it, the other half is pure circumstance - I am not rich and I am getting poorer by the day. But I have no dependents and no debts.

I don't think it is enough to say that people spoil a place. It doesn't have to be the case. I don't mind sharing somewhere as long as what made it special isn't obscured.
As an example, more people and more chaos, on some levels, just makes Hanoi more fascinating.

Anyway, pictures posted above. My verdit very soon.

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