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June 15, 2007


Ceviche is one of the most wonderful foods known to man. And it is technically cooked just not heat treated. The acid works on the protean in the fish to make it "cook" and also deals with most little nasties...but stick to salt water fish to be on the safe side.

My favorite way to prepare it is with scallops and lime juice. I also throw in some chopped hot peppers.

Hot peppers - now that's an idea. I'd love a spicy version.

It is quite honestly one of the tastiest foods I have ever eaten.

Ceviche!!!! That stuff's delish!!!

ooh besides cilantro, jalepenos, tomatoes, try adding red onions, mango and shrimp with it too! It's to die for!

Red onions, that'd work. Shrimp...good, I think.

Mango? Hmm not so sure. That's seems a little too weird.

I think the mango (or some other fruit) would be good in it, maybe added just before serving.

Nah, I'd save the Mango for dessert.

Wow. I never knew culantro was different from cilantro! I thought they just pronounced it differently. No wonder when our Nica Program Director was here in the states she stated the culantro here was not the same. :-) She was right it is not!

I only knew because I work with chefs. Otherwise I'd be none the wiser. I use it a lot for cooking here. It's altogether leafier and a little bit prickly. I think I prefer it.

hello! i ran into your website looking for a recipe for a ceviche but came across you and i was surprised to see a gringo leaving in nicaragua i do not see many when i visit. i was born in nicaragua my family is from there but moved to states when i was ten and now live in texas dont be surprised by my last name my dad is a gringo too. he was a marine stationed in nicaragua and met my mom and you can guess the rest. but anyway i'm curious to know how your experience has been living there and what you are doing there?working? how do you like it? the food? etc? i love my country and miss the culture, the people, the beach everything its just another world isn't it? people don't know here in the u.s. how lucky they are they should all go down there and see how blessed they are to have all they have. anyways look forward to hearing from you and your adventures. take care!

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