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May 31, 2007


spot on!

Awesome post Steve! I cracked up (and related) to each one. Thanks for the grins.

Oh god - most definitely. Wish I'd written that.

hehehe. that made me laugh! excellent one.

Wow - best reaction in a while.

And as much as I hate blog lists, I guess sometimes they are okay.

I just miss people telling me information instead of presenting it as a top ten.

I often wonder whether bloggers' kids are told the top ten reasons why not to jump on their bed, eat all their dinner, study hard at at school etc.

But maybe there'll be one or two lists around her occasionally.

This is quite funny Steve...thanks for giving me the heads up on the mosquitoes, bug bites, red swollen feet, etc...I look forward to all of this and more:)

Glad you liked it Sam. Today the mozzies are hell, however you should know that in this respect i suffer worst than most.

I was told in Vietnam that my blood was particularly sweet.

I also heard once that they go for the hottest person in the room. That is usually me.

Number 9 made me laugh out loud! I hope you haven't had too much of that though. I've been lucky in my travels, I don't suffer insect bites, must be the vegetarian blood they don't like ;-)

Maybe it is the Veggie thing. Seeing as I live with one perhaps I get all the bites for both of us.

Very funny read - everyone abroad can certainly relate! Loved it. :)

- Greg

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