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May 24, 2007


Voluntary services have hold my attention for years. However how to find that kind of work when you are not really "a specialist". Do you know of any organization that has work for people that want to contribute?

I like your blogs and posts, you are clear and human in the way you express yourself, hence I dare ask you this question. Also found Rachel on Liivngdisco. Thankx

Steve, thanks so much! You've made my day. Incidentally - I'd also be interested in hearing more about your bigging up blogging with VSO - maybe I can get involved? Strength in numbers and all that...

Um - just realised I committed the sin of using your real name. Sometimes blogging etiquette passes me by, esp when I have a hangover. Not sure how to edit it out... Sorry.


It's fine - I have long since stopped caring about people knowing my name. It's cool.

As regards VSO - it really annoys me. They're obviously ignoring my email. It's especially irritating as one of my main reasons for starting the Hanoi blog (and leaving it behind when i was finished) was that it would record only the VSO period of work. I want it to be used. Just as Living for Disco should be used.

After over two years of volunteering and saying nice things about them, you do feel the least you should be given is a response.

Miriam, as regards volunteering. If you haven't already then give VSO a try. Who knows. Other than that why not try doing a TEFL course, they are always wanted. If not then there are plenty of "voluntourism" options. Although I must admit I am not sure I like the whole concept of paying to volunteer.

Try www.charityjob.co.uk and thanks for your kind words



Volunteering is a great job.Helping people without any gain is really great.Developing countries need the help of volunteers to help their citizen to develop.

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