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May 23, 2007


Hello ,
Have you been to Matagalpa..? Going to live and work there from october 2007- february 2008...any info will be welcome..!!
Great pics..!
thx Hans.

Hi there,

I'm a nica living in USA. I start nicaragua.ysublog.com (nicaraguaanditsblog?!) I love my country and I love blogs. So I decide to run a blog that talks about bloggers and blogs about Nicaragua. So, yes I want to catalog all the blogs about Nicaragua in that blog.

At first I didn't know, if English Nica blogs were apropiate and then I sad to my self wtf! So I added more just yesteday.

So, good luck with everything and hopelly we can meet one day, because I'm moving back to my country for few years!


Sorry no, haven't made it up there. However a quick look on flickr and it seems like a beautiful spot:


For questions I would recommend www.gotonicaragua.com and www.nicaliving.com. The first is a little more friendly although the second is more widely read.

Good luck. I hope you'll set up a blog up when you make it down here. I'd love to read about your experiences.

Alvaro, I've added your blog to my RSS reader and my links. I'll try and keep up with your posts. Great idea to catalog them all. I'll be reading.

I hope we can meet too. Give me a shout if you make it down to Granada.

Hey Steve,

How are you doing?

Man, I'm so excited, becuase I'll be in my "linda" city in a few days!

I'll arrive the first week of July. So, I'll send you an email as soon as I settle in my house.

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