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April 03, 2007


It's amazing to read about stuff like that. I know in the UK we're overcharged for everything, and things like travel are just ridiculous when compared to other countries, but even on $90 a day I'd say I'm only average here, I still can't afford to save anything. I cannot ever imagine having to exist on only a few dollars a day, never mind only 1. But I am very thankful for it, and to be able to pass on what I can afford to others.

As we have such a gap between the poor and the wealthy, the amount of wealthy people here living on way, way more than I am is scary. And I'll bet they couldn't even imagine 'slumming it' and living on $90 a day like me, never mind the dollar a day. It's sad that most people won't appreciate what it's like.

The gap between our life styles is huge. I lived in Vietnam on a VSO allowance of $250 a month. I was aware that I was earning two or three times more than colleagues.

And that didn't include my rent and healthcare.

Like Dave, I occasionally also used my own money when I needed some luxury.

To have nothing to fall back is frightening. So many of the kids we dealt with at KOTO in Vietnam were from subsistence farms. They were doing fine until a family member got sick, then all the money went on doctors bills.

That's why natural disasters hit the third world so hard...there is no buffer. No insurance, no savings, no one to bail you out.

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