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January 23, 2007


One request. Can you blog the food scene? Have not the first notion of Nicaraguan cuisine. You're my eyes and ears. Enjoy.

Of course and congrats on being the first to post.

I'll be hanging out with chefs again so I am sure I can.

Can't wait. Other people pack their cases I configure my blog. Now I'm ready.

A blog is always ready, a suitcase on the other hand...

Good luck with it all. Looking forward to it :)

Wow...Everything sounds like it is going fantastically well for you! ( 'fantsatically' a word..?) Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

Looking forward to reading your adventures in Granada. All new - never been out that way...

I've been following your journey since Space Hardware. OK if I tag along on this one too?

Safe journey! :)

Yup, Space Hardware. Christ, how long was that ago now?

It might be wrong to wish on it but if it keeps getting results like these...

All the best, wor man.

Thanks all...there's been a lot of water under the bridge and shooting stars since Space Hardware. It's 3.35am Hanoi time and I've been tinkering with the blog for several hours. Maannn. I just can't design blogs. They never quite look right.

Thanks for the kind words though. It's almost a couple of months till I set off to Nicaragua so it'll just be Spanish progress, packing and finding out more info for a while.

But glad to have you all along for the ride.

Hey there! Am so happy for you. Nicaragua and a special someone, you lucky sod!
Good luck with the next venture, I will be eagerly following your progress. Enjoy every minute of it. Dee

Thanks Deidre. Always good to hear from you and your welcome to come visit us in Nicaragua any time.

Keep up the blogging yourself. I want to know what happens next, post Vietnam.

Olivia's mum and her bloke are in Vietnam, they said they would try and look you up at KOTO if they can break away from their tour guides.

Hi Judy Steve,
It's Millie.Just wanted to say I've got
tonsillitus.I got sent home from school
yesterday at lunchtime.I had the day of
school today andIam having the day of
school tomorrow aswell.I have got a
cough, blocked nose ,headache and I feel
dead dizzy some times aswell.What's the weather like. Millie P.S.Please write
back soon.Bye.

I was very fortunate to visit Saigon few years back, and it is wonderful city.

Love the bikes, can't believe a family of 5 can ride on 1 bike. What a family trip.

Cugi (don't know if the spelling is right) is a great place to pop by.

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