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Hi I'm Ourman, or Steve Jackson in the real world.

Okay so here's the thing.

For most of my twenties I was a newspaper hack. Nothing impressive. Leek shows and the property pages were amongst the highlights.

Then I joined the dark side - public relations. I worked less hours but was ultimately more bored.

Then I hit a sort of post 30 crisis that sees me now, aged 36, via a world tour and two and a half years in Hanoi, here in Granada, Nicaragua.

My time is split three ways. I work as a volunteer for street kid restaurant Cafe Chavalos, I learn Spanish and I write.

Hopefully the writing part will one day pay for the other two parts. We'll see.

Published examples of my writing can be provided on request. Or just read the blog - the pics are mostly mine too.

Okay enough. This was supposed to be concise.

Twitter Name: ourman
Nicaraguan Cell Phone: 4272397