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June 19, 2007


so do you bath at night then? how warm is their water anyways? or do you take cold showers only? I'm glad ourwoman is there to keep you company:)


well the water coming out of the showerhead is a little warmer than cold. Sometimes though you actually wish it was colder just to cool you down.

The house I am staying at has what is locally know as a suicide shower. Basically it is a system that heats the water as it comes through the shower head - normally involving mild electric shocks and scary looking electric wires. Seeing, however, as that shower is upstairs and even when we have water, pressure is not strong enough to get up there, so I tend to shower in the cold shower downstairs.

As regards water shortages. We fill every container we can get our hands on when the water is flowing - then it's bucket baths in the morning.

Jeesh, I guess this will take me back to my very vague childhood memories of bathing outside with buckets of water when I was in Laos. That's why I'm going to scrub myself clean as I can before I leave here, cuz I'm going to be coming back all grubby:)

I must admit, I rarely feel entirely clean here. Not, back home clean anyway.

You get used to the occasional whiff of armpit in company. Then you take a couple of seconds working our whether it's your own you can smell.

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