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June 17, 2007


"Both Nicaraguan suspects were turned into the police by their mothers"

That's interesting. We so often hear about families helping to cover up crimes, that it is good to read about parents making their children take responsibility for their actions.

While their deaths are incredibly sad, I agree that both of these attacks seem to be isolated incidents that could and do happen everywhere.

I don't even want to get into the politics, because that just makes me crazy.

I think that is my point - it isn't about politics. It is wrong to play politics when these are events which simply happened due to individual circumstances.

It would be wrong to use these deaths as a way of damaging this country - when I bet the victims both loved this place.

Thanks Steve for this posting. I have not heard much since the death of Lemon and was wondering what the Embassy thing was all about. As I let everything settle in my own mind I am just as excited to return in a week and a half as before and yet realize a bit more precaution may be needed then I was using in the past.

I have been to several 'dangerous' areas in Costa Rica and a couple in Nicaragua and have not felt unsafe in my 9 years in Central America. I think knowing a murder victim and having them live very close to your office and sometimes home was not only sad but a wake up call to be a bit more cautious.

Hope to see you in 10 days or so!

I think I want to marry thunderdial. Does anyone have his email address? I write him on NicaLiving, but he never answer me.

Kathy, apologies, this one slipped by.

I think it was a shock to a few people and a reminder that we are never entirely safe anywhere.

But we should all keep it in perspective.

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