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June 05, 2007




Holiday... sounds good.

Here's another hit for you!


Only another 999,999 to go


Here's one from me.... that place is rather seductive.. mmmm

Thanks Degan and Kim

Obviously if I got the million hits and then the stay at Morgan's Rock I would then revert to my unbuyable, principled, normal self.

Right after I get the free flights.

I think it's possible that they might let you stay there at a discount if you do their dishes, have an entourage of beautiful women (playboy/playmate types) and of course, blog and blog away...and then maybe I can volunteer to teach their customer's kids art or something, while I cook in their kitchen, do some house cleaning chores...hmmm...

Yeah, you and me both :)

Maybe if we all pitched in we could get a single room and share it between half a dozen ways. I call the bed.

I call the doorway, especially if the room is on an upper floor.

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