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June 14, 2007


Um, yeah. I would've, too!

I used to have one as a pet. Never really took it out to play that much though.

You see a lot of those down there?

It's the first one I have seen though I have heard of other people finding them and being stung by them.

You're told to always shake out your shoes and pants here. I've probably been a bit lax to date. I will certainly remember tomorrow morning.

A pet? Really? Ick.

Shrieked, cried then shrieked some more... crap that would've freaked me out.

I'd be a big fan of the shoe and pant shake moving forward!!!

holy cow!! as much as I like creepy crawlies, I would crap myself if that dived out of my cupboard!

Jesus, it's huge!

Yup, I'm pretty good with creepy crawlies myself but I drew the line at this one.

As I write ourwoman says she saws something else in the cupboard - hope it's not another one.

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