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June 03, 2007


a time before downloading and iPods??? Surely not!!

LOL. Sadly, showing my age, I remember it well. Tape CASSETTES even! LOVE the bird in the sky pic, very iconic :-)

Btw I couldn't send the artwork over to you at the weekend as I have no broadband :-( I was promised it would be fixed tonight, if not I'll bring it all into work tomorrow and send it from here. Lack of internet on a weekend totally sucks!

That's okay. Just as soon as you can.

I too had Spirit of Eden on tape first. I remember buying it with wages from a weekend job and listening to it to death.

I later bought it on CD.

Now I've just bought it again from Itunes.

I think only the Stone Roses's first album has also been bought in all those formats by me.

Haha, that is a good point Steve. I forgot to charge my iPod just before a 15hr bus ride a couple of weeks ago. At around the 6th hour I was ready to hurl myself out the window, unable to bear the sounds of screaming children, and the boredom of staring at profane Spanish graffiti written on the seat in front of me, for another minute. Must have been tough back in the day...

I remember a similar situation - I think it was Hoi An to Nha Trang. Only about six hours I recall but my Ipod was flat, my book was finished and I had nothing to amuse me at all.

It's the point where you consider hitting your head off parts of the bus just because its the most entertaining thing left to do.

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