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May 29, 2007


Thanks... that might just replace the impending boredom of CD3 in the Friends series the missus had lined for me tonight :) Cheers

Yes it certainly beat Friends. I talked my girlfriend into watching it last night and she sat down with the attitude "Come on then, let's get it over with"

And from two minutes in she was spell bound. It's not just fascinating, it's gripping too. Incredible that this bunch of Irish journos found themselves on the spot just as it was all going off. Amazing that they were brave enough to keep filming.

You've got to be kidding me. Seriously. Just for starters, don't you find it amazing that two Irish women happen to be in all the right places at all the right times when all this events were taking place?

Most of the events you see on the documentary where either taken out of context or reenacted without expressing so, which serious documentaries do.

How do I know this? because I lived this events first hand...and actually even if this documentary is true or not, how come somebody from Nicaragua praises Chavez so much? why don't you go to Venezuela and praise him there and see how much time you last?

Oh, and by the way, this documentary was founded by Hugo's government. No wonder is completely biased to his side.

You people sicken me, go live it for yourself, then see how much you can prais a tyrant.

safeguarding democracy not fighting it. Oh my god. So you think the closing of a TV station is safeguarding democracy?

How do you come up with this crap?

First off Hugo's government did not found (fund?) this film.

Secondly if he is so hated in Venezuela then why, despite the fact that the media is so obviously against him, are so many people voting for him?

As regards safeguarding democracy - Chavez was voted in. The people who staged the coup against him ignored that. The TV stations would not even show pro-Chavez demonstrators.

Earlier the TV stations had actually organised an anti-Chavez rally. Surely it is reasonable, if a TV station tries to promote a coup against an elected government then it must pay the price.

I should also point out that "Venezuelan" may or may not have "lived this events first hand" but his IP address says Florida, USA.

Chavez was voted in on 1998 by the majority, their is no doubt about that. But does that make him legit? He stole the recall on 2001 and since then all public workers are forced to vote for him, yes, we have proof of this people having to attend rallies and being dismissed from their jobs if they don't do as they are told.

My ip says Florida cause I've been living here since 2006. The events in question were in 2001 -2002 (can't remember exactly) so yes, I lived them, and so did my family, friends, etc. A

The Chavez government did fund this documentary, since you say it did not how are you sure? what proof do you have that they did not? What proof do I have? well if it didn't funded then how did this Irish women gain access to all this places?. And the people that staged the coup where not the ones in the street and was not the media covering the events that where happening.

Look man, we can keep arguing about the funding or not, about Chavez being a dictator or not. I ask you, what good has he done to the people of Venezuela? Can you give me one example?



Hey, those Venezuelan public sector workers should get an Oscar. Their acting in those street scenes, waving, cheering and dancing in front of Chavez is absolutely top class for an oppressed bunch fearing the axe may fall on their jobs at any moment.

Where is this chap's evidence that Chavez funded the film? I mean, I could say that Osama Bin Laden funded Pirates of the Carribean.... and it must be true unless you can prove he didn't.

As for 'What has Chavez ever done for Venzuelans' if you only want one example, try UNICEF's report on Barrio Adentro: a model of primary health care; or the handing out of over 10,000 land titles to families living in Venezuela's poorest urban neighborhoods, in the barrios; the additional one million literate Venezuelans; or even the marked improvement in child mortality rates in the last ten years. I know... just Chavez propoganda (apart from the fact that the source is that notoriously pro-Chavez body...the CIA)

Oh yes.... and they shut down a tv station.

I reckon Blair could still save his job if he shut down Channel Five.

Some links, in spanish, but just look at the graphs


As for land titles to 10,000 people, this land titles are not...well land titles, since the government owns the land and houses that this people are paying for. Remember this is the Socialism of the 21st century so private property is a big no.

As for barrio adentro, yes, it's a nice thing to have. But why have barrio adentro and let the hospitals collapse?


Oh, but is Bob who's posting, of course, he's never been to Venezuela, he just sees and listens to Chavez propaganda.

So, if the CIA is the source, can you link to it?

Try the Cia World Factbook 1998 and the CIA World Factbook 2006.

I've never been to the moon either, comrade, but I have to weigh up the evidence to see whether or not it exists and what it is like. I have some very good friends who live in Wolverhampton (10 miles away) who are part of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign. They go regularly to Venezuela and despite what you say they do not come back disillusioned or dismayed.

And what part of the 2006 Fact book should I look at? (I can't find 1998 online, sorry). but It said this on the 2006 one: "Hugo CHAVEZ, president since 1999, has promoted a controversial policy of "democratic socialism," which purports to alleviate social ills while at the same time attacking globalization and undermining regional stability. Current concerns include: a weakening of democratic institutions, political polarization, a politicized military, drug-related violence along the Colombian border, increasing internal drug consumption, overdependence on the petroleum industry with its price fluctuations, and irresponsible mining operations that are endangering the rain forest and indigenous peoples."


Bob, your friends of the Solidarity Campaign can kiss my big Venezuelan ass. Of course they are going to love it if they go visit it as socialists in favor of Chavez. but just have one of them come live in Venezuela and see how they handle it.

Thanks for the inspiration:

Calm down, Venezuelan, calm down. Remember.... you live in the good old U S of A now so, by your logic you are not entitled to comment any more on what happens back in the old country.

No bob, by my logic I can comment simply because I know first hand, by living it myself or by accounts from friends and family, what's going on. You, on the other hand, don't know shit and you are just basing your comments on your Chavez loving friend and a twisted documentary.

"You can watch the film here. Strike that. You MUST watch the film. I guarantee it will change the way you see the world and how it is reported to us."

Ah, but alas, Google Video (along with Wikipedia and numerous other sites are blocked here in China. Oh, I forgot, less news is better. Freedom of the press is such a decadent bourgeois concept. No wonder Chavez and Beijing like each other so much!

I suggest you take up your complaint with Google:


As for the http://tinyurl.com/phcn3 I get the following:

"The server at news.bbc.co.uk is taking too long to respond." Oh, but of course, BBC is also blocked here in the PRC. I suppose I should take up that complaint with the BBC?

As I said, Chavez and Beijing should get along just great. A one-party media is all any country needs.

No but you could take it up with Cisco Systems


Another good old USA firm enabling Chinese censorship.

So, no Chavez has nothing to do with censorship in China. But two of your American businesses do.

I think your anger is misdirected.

Do you want me to find more USA examples of companies assisting in Chinese censorship?

WOW. Quite a conversation in these comments! I'd just like to say, unless people are immersed in high-level information in a country, nobosy truly knows what goes on. Parts of the media pull the wool over our eyes, and parts of the media will seek out the truth. Some government will actually help the people, while some parts of government are there for their own gain. Sadly, the negative side of human nature.

However, as long as we can all see past this, understand that we shouldn't believe all that the media throw at us, and respect other people's points of view, that will help us become educated, well-rounded people. And then we are better poised to DO something about it.

"So, no Chavez has nothing to do with censorship in China. But two of your American businesses do.
I think your anger is misdirected."

No, no my anger is directed toward any form of political censorship (and its enablers such as Google, Yahoo, Cisco, etc). Chavez hardly has any direct connection with censorship here in China, but Chavez very clearly seems intent on stifling all opposition and creating a one party press (as in China and Cuba).

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