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May 28, 2007


I miss sausages. You can only get boerwors here, and I haven't had a British banger for almost two years. You make me want to come to Nicaragua just for the food though!

Ahh Rachie, you're a woman after my own heart. British bangers cannot be beat. Specifically something along the Cumberland Sausage line.

Probably the only reason I didn't mention them was that I have recently found a fairly decent substitute here - the chorizo.

I kind of think of chorizo at home as being more salami like but it's not so far off the British sausage.

Ha...I wouldn't go to Nicaragua for the food. It's just not so bad when you get here. As I said, unlike Vietnam it is always edible and you never have to fake being full to your hosts.

What? Fray Bentos is banned from the USA? With the shite food they eat, what's wrong with them?!! ha that made me laugh. Even as a vegetarian, I demand their reinstatement! :-)

The only thing out of the pic above I would miss is Heinz Salad Cream. It is divine. I would also miss mash, fish & chips, and British grown strawberries. And I'd miss proper chocolate, unless I'd moved to Belgium :-D

Mixlj, I have no idea why they are banned. Incredible isn't it. I mean if the US was a paragon of health food virtue you could understand it but why pick on poor FB pies.

Funny about salad cream. A couple of year back they decided that it was very old fashioned as people now preferred mayonnaise - they decided to phase it out.

A friend panicked and started stockpiling. She loves it too. Luckily it was reprieved. I remember the same thing happening to the uncool but lovely arctic roll.

Fish and chips is the big one right now. But I'd kill for a meat pie.

OK - now I'm in France the list of missable has DRASTICALLY reduced. Toad in the hole is absolutely no problemo whatsoever. I can do a mighty good fish n chips - although OK it ain;t strictly chip shop style, but its close enough.

However, there apart from Irn Bru - which I cannot get and really miss - the only other BIGGIE is Twiglets. Fortunately I get to the UK a lot and we get plenty of visitors and so I just about get my fix. But, I hear your pain. I've been there, although I haven't been 'there' :)

Keeping it a bit quiet (ish) but I started a Twiglets blogs. I haven't found my Twigletsvoice yet, hence the radio silence. But if you miss them - which I vaguely remember you do not - then go gander


Oh and BTW, I can buy Sarson's Malt Vinegar in my local supermarket in Toulouse :)


I must admit I assumed your Twiglet fixation was just a handy food trash icon to hang your funky web 2.0 hat on, so to speak. I didn't realise you actually liked the things.

I just remember them as the only foodstuffs left at the end of parties when I was very young. Nobody ever ate the Twiglets but people kept on buying them.

That said, the website looks good. I shall follow.

As for Irn Bru - well I have developed a liking for something similar: Red Fanta. It's one of those flavours that just taste of sugar and is all the better for it.

Oh and it's Buddha's favourite drink. Check it out:


In fact, two questions for your foodie audience - should you care to post them:

Why is the wonder that is Fray Bentos pies banned from the USA?


Why is there always Red Fanta on altars in Thailand.

PS... I've settled for a Red Fanta substitute in Nicaragua called Rojita.

yum! Nica fooooooood! I saw your post on Serious Eats, and my tummy rumbled for some gallo pinto. Happily I will be back in the great country of Nicaragua in 2 weeks! Oh my, the fried cheese, maduros, and deep-fried tacos from a street cart with crema and cabbage. Finger-licking good.
And when I was in England (coming from the US) I missed cheez doodles, non-flavored marshmallows, and bagels. Then I got back to the US and missed all the yummy blackcurrant things, sticky toffee pudding, and pasties. For these reasons we must travel!

JJJ gallo pinto is good stuff. So much more tasty than you could ever imagine beans and rice being.

As I said, it's solid food. Nothing not to like. No nasty surprises.

Just need more spice.

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