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May 16, 2007


mmm... first the turtle, then the BT competition. They say good things come in threes. Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket. Can you get one in Nicaragua?

Congratulations on winning the writing competition, it was well deserved.

I think you can buy a lottery ticket but the top prize is probably less than the cost of a beer back home.

I'll settle for winning a book deal. Perhaps I should be emailing while my luck is in.

Hey, series 1-6 of the Sopranos... only $19.... guess where?

congrats on the win! also, thanks for reminding me about the new wilco. i'm on it.

Ah yes Bob, that'll be Vietnam. No such luck here. It's just not having the last series that is killing me. Hope you are still enjoying your trip or are you back now?

Ian, thanks. It's a good album. Quite chilled out and melodic which some critics don't like. Me? I like it. It's good to be understated sometimes.

Hooray! Congratulations on the travel writing win, you truely deserve it. The turtle win? Now that one's a little bit suspicious...

Since when has giving a turtle amphetamines been a crime?

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