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May 24, 2007


I find it most frustrating when commenting is difficult (or impossible). Gadling makes it difficult. Lifehacker does. And the witty Seth Godin. So much smarts, so frustrating to see them silence the community like this.

Comments seem to me that whole point of blogging. I can also never understand people who read blogs but don't comment.

Okay so not everything moves you to say something but when I finished my Hanoi blog there were people saying congratulations who I had never heard from before. They had obviously been following all for two years but didn't say anything. I can't imagine why.

I was really shocked by Lifehacker. Particularly their choice of words. Auditioning to be a commenter is like being asked to say something witty before being allowed to join a conversation.

As regards Gadling: once you have signed up it's very easy. And they're good at interacting with commenters. The sheer weight of postings means that they occasionally write some crap but they don't get huffy just because you don't agree with them.

Seth Godin is a new one on me. I shall have to check it out.

Well said that man. Excellent points, far too often I feel like I'm ignored on blogs, or perhaps that's just me....are you there? :)

I'm here.

Again, I can understand the uber massive blogs . It's the smaller ones. Personally give me comments over hits any day - so why ignore them?

I had a friend who blogged and I honestly think she never gave it a thought who read her info. As far as she was concerned it was for her and her friends. Whenever she got a comment she treated it as some pervert interloper who had been listening to her inner most thoughts.

Maybe that is it?

Or maybe it is just rudeness?

I can't imagine having a blog and being surprised when someone you don't know comments. That's the best part!

btw, I liked your Vietnam article. I only had a few days to spend in Hanoi and Halong Bay in '04. I wish you'd written your post back then. I found it a little overwhelming, but still would love to go back.

Travel Betty - I did exactly the same thing the first time I was in Hanoi. After three days I fled to the beach.

It was fantastic that I got the chance to go back and have a second go when I volunteered.

That's why I wrote the piece. You kind of have to know how to take the place. Once you see how it works it is a whole lot less over whelming.

I hope I'm not one of those offenders:) I wonder why myself why people don't leave comments on the blogs they've read...as a newbie myself, I think people just don't understand what a blog is and how to respond to such a thing. I have aquaintances sending me emails in regards to my blog, but yet they somehow can't figure out how to leave comments on my site. Perhaps, I should stress to people to leave me comments on my site, not send me emails? Would I sound rude then and unappreciative?


I think family and close friends will always want to email you personally. But more general stuff - then tell them its okay to post it as a comment.

Then again you can get an email you would like to feature and you can make a post out of it. Ie Bob emailed me and asked me this, it was nice to hear from Bob, here's what I told him etc etc.

But tell people you want to generate a forum and a community on the site and it'd help if they left comments. I am sure they will and won't mind a bit.

Hey Steve,
I'm loving your blog. As for this particular topic, I wonder if it has to do with how seriously one takes blogging? I also maintain that my blog is/was mainly for my friends and relatives, but I was always thrilled to see that people I didn't know were interested in what I wrote - except I didn't understand why! :o)
joking aside, commenting is indeed a great way to start a debate, but I wonder how personally one should take the whole thing... After all, a posting on a blog is an offer, which one can take or leave freely, or is that the wrong blogging attitude?
keep the great work,
take care,


Good to hear from you and I think I agree. Blog posts are there to be devoured, ignored, commented on or left alone.

I think if you have written something then it is always a bit sad if no one comments.

But if someone has written something then surely it's just polite to acknowledge that, isn't it?

Otherwise it's like joining in a conversation and the rest of its members ignoring you and carrying on as if you had said nothing.


yes. I agree with that. to be honest, I only ever got comments from my sister and a few friends, which involved a lot of virtual shouting and general silliness, that was carried on forward in personal emails.
I don't think I ever received a comment from anyone else, which is part of the reason why I never felt massively confident in keeping up blogging. Except for that weird anti-VSO activist, who only commented for his own agenda.
I don't know, I'm now completely blase about the whole thing, and maybe that's what's wrong...


No reason why you shouldn't be confident in your blogging. You write so well and I keep going back to your blog to read your updates.

I guess comments come to you, if you want them, when you start looking beyond immediate friends' blogs when you comment.

If anyone wants to be read more widely, it seems to me that still the best way to market your blog is to start commenting elsewhere.

uh oh, thanks steve. i think i may gather inspiration, energy and neurons to blog again. from you that is a compliment!

I look forward to reading.

I have always thought that a blog is like our home. We have to treat our guests as they should be treated so they feel like coming back.

Hi... I came to your blog following a link in Alvaro's blog. (Beautiful pictures!) : )

Nice to have you pop by and I agree.

So hope you come by again.

I wanted to research this subject and write a paper. Your post what a thousand words would not. Nice job.


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