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May 30, 2007


Good grief - those eyes are amazing. I thought for a minute you'd photoshopped them! What a gorgeous dog.

Ha - that's what my girlfriend thought. She always accuses me of messing around with my pics. (For the record I normally only mess with the shadows, highlights and light fill on Picasa)

Those eyes are incredible. The first time i saw him I couldn't stop looking at them.

No chance of it here but I'd love to see him in the snow. MUSH!

If I didn't know better, I'd say it was PS'd too. Amazing photo!

I just typed husky into Flickr and his eyes seem quite normal by husky standards.

But maybe he's the Paul Newman of the dog world.

Whoa, I just viewed the pictures in large on flickr (click above). Those eyes are even scarier that size.

Try it

Steve - Sara and I LOVED this post. Thanks for this one.

Glad you liked it - the dogs are well.

There will no doubt be more pics.

I never thought you'd find huskies in Nica!! They are beautiful, I have a friend in Vermont who has huskies and malamutes and DOES use them for sledding :-) Don't let them off the lead though, their instinct is to run and run, and keep on running!

Just as well you told us that. Guess poor old Kino is going to be leaded for quite some time yet.

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