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April 17, 2007


I wish this site had less flash and more info. It's such a great idea, but so much is lost in trying to appear to children/the public. argh.

Flash is just the worst thing ever. I remember five years ago during meetings at work regarding web design there was always arguments that Flash was a nightmare and nobody liked it.

It's 2007 and people are still using it.

It's hard to take pics off there. You can't link to pages - the race movement, as good as it it, clicks straight into the notes so you can't see the leaderboard.

Classic example of bad designers having too much say.

Also...where did the Flickr link go? No more pictures. Sure there isn't that much to see but is there no record of them turtles setting off.

Give me some pics of the beach, or the Galapagos or something. Let's see the turtle conservation team.

Etc etc

Grumble grumble

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