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April 18, 2007


What a great find!!!

Too bad no RSS.

Timen, there written blog has RSS.

As for the video blog - it's so many wasted opportunities. No RSS and the films would be better on youtube where it could be shared, forwarded and generally viral.

I've been reading it a while and assumed that it would become huge and it never did. You can see their regard for Vietnam and its sense of humour.

In addition, neither of the main people are stronger nor funnier than each other. Both have great comic timing and they send themselves up perfectly.

I look forward to the rest of their trip and each update feels like a big event. Kind of like your favourite TV show.

Seems Hanoi Hustle is on YouTube - found and added above.

When I go back to SE Asia for five months in June, I'll be making little videos as well and I'll put them on my YouTube account and paste them on my site. I'll be using a little Canon IXUS for shooting, but the video quality is surprisingly high.

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