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April 19, 2007


They are terrible. I've been saying it since I first saw them, and I stand by that claim today. It's not that they are ugly, I just really don't get them. Who wants to wear plastic on their feet?

I think there is an essence of a good idea in them. I like the concept of padding around in clogs.

But as you say - they are plastic.

And there is nothing that looks worse than a pair of pastie gringo/farrang/tay legs plodding around in a pair of bright yellow plastic shoes.

But clogs are due a comeback. Surely someone can come up with a cool (in every sense) clog?

I've never tried them on, are they comfortable? I love clogs and wear them all winter (sandals in the summer) but Crocs remind me of those plastic garden clogs.

They're expensive, bulky, but apparently comfortable. Nonetheless, I'll pass.

In Key West, everyone was wearing them. I've noticed the trend taking hold here in New England too. I've heard nothing but good things from people about how comfortable they are.

But ... they are pretty funky looking. No doubt about it.

Ha..Mike you sound like you're warming up to buy a pair.

Go on - you know you want to.

They'll be on TV shows in the future. 100 Fashion Crimes of the Noughties.

Straight in at number one.

I'm ashamed to have learned that the US allows these monstrous excuses for footwear to creep over its borders - there must be something in the Geneva Convention against it.

Those shoes are so vile, they make me feel sick. I have to look away when I see people wearing them. I work in a hospital library and right this very minute, I am doing a bit of research for Occupational Health to see if we should be letting staff wear them. Oh, the power, the power!!

I hated the look of crocs when I first saw them; they were invented here in Boulder, Colorado, so they're ubiquitous. After trying on my sister's a few times, I was in love and got a pair from my Dad as a graduation gift. They truly are comfy in the summer here, but I only wear them around the house and in the garden.

I don't doubt the comfort - although are they not a bit sweaty. And I reckon the whole concept of clogs is cool but..

Maybe it's just the colours. Worst thing in the world: big fat bloke on the beach in tiny Speedos and a huge cloddy pair of Crocs.

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