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April 16, 2007


Drexelina was just disoriented by all the photographers, she'll be fine. Besides, this is a marathon, she needs to conserve her energy.

Perhaps Windy followed through.

COME ON the Windster. If Paula Radcliffe can stop for a pee, a little bit of pebble dash isn't going to hurt.

go, go, go! Saphira!

Windybacker - I thank you. You have a way with words. Personally I look forward to using the phrase: "winning by a turtle's head". Not sure if that phrase translates well.

Stacey & Degan - there's a long way to go yet.

I just hope they stay away from those Nicaraguan fishermen.

Better watch out, Genevieve is hot!

...and by "hot" I mean "fast." I'm not particularly attracted to Genevieve.

Don't count you..err.. turtles. She could yet be both soup and bowl for a Nicaraguan meal.

Sorry, I should probably cut down on mentions of turtlicide.

oh and keep you turtle-love to yourself.

That's the hazard they didn't mention on the site: Turtlephiles, hanging out in small boats:

"Hey, turtle...I've got sardines back at my beach hut...wanna come aboard and go eat?"


Sundae must have forgotten her numb chucks...oh, wait - wrong kind of turtle :)

The links are working again btw.

nice turtle

also many turtles here in this part of the world but badly needing protection

galapagos: one of the places I want to visit if it's permitted

"I like a turtle that thinks outside the shell"

LOL funny stuff. Anyway I think Sundae is pacing, waiting til the TURTLE POWER kicks in ;-)

more love and affection for turtleocity!!!!! now in 8th place....

What is going on?! Are Drexelina and Sundae going backwards?

Stacy - you might be right. It's not looking good for those pair. Just blogged about it. Hope they are ok.

Tutubi - see you there. I'd love to go

Found you on a search. I'm coming to Nica in two days. I will see Granada and some RE developments. I'd like to correspond with you if possible.
Nice Blog,

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