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March 27, 2007


LOL, stop it! It's not just the bright colors, but that is what I first reacted to.

If I was there with you, and used to the shock of the colors, I wouldn't notice it as much, and I would be writing about the angles, composition, lighting, etc. So, please don't take my "great pictures" to only mean I like the colors.

I'm still smiling over your reaction. Bring on the long-winded blathering, though, I'm ready for it.

Don't worry, you weren't the only one.

A review on the Guardian Abroad website calls it "the most colourful blog I have ever seen".

Ha. One or two others have said the same too.

It's okay I like being colourful. In time I will stop noticing it in Granada but until then I shall continue to snap away.

And thank you for your compliments

Hey, I complimented you on the colours! And I'm a librarian and I totally judge books by their cover. The colours reflect your happiness too and so suit the blog perfectly, stop being so British and just take the compliment!

I did. I did. I like it colourful. That was kind of the idea of this beige exterior - the colour would be in the photos.

As for me being British. Someone recently asked if I was South African. That's how messed up my accent has become.

I wonder if it's more convincing than Leonardo's.

And I took the compliment. Just back from interviewing the Chavalos' chef trainer and snapped some more pics on the way. Expect them soon.

Aww, and I liked Leo's SA accent!! (I went out with a South African guy for a while and stayed over there, I thought the accent was pretty spot-on)

Don't worry about your accent. You can't disguise a Geordie for long!! No matter where I go in the world a Brit will ALWAYS ask where in the North East I'm from - they can spot it a mile off! And there'll always be some American who will ask if I'm Scottish. I guess Newcastle's close enough, yeah...

Mine's been messed up for years and it's only getting worse. Hexham to Newcastle via college in Manchester. Back to live in Heaton then Byker then off to Vietnam where I worked with Australians.

Add to that an Australian girlfriend and now I am in Central America working with Nicaraguans and Americans.

Forget Leo's accent, when Brad plays me in "Our Man - The Movie" he'll have a hell of a time getting my voice right. Looks wise we're about the same though ;o)

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