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March 30, 2007


Honoured to be asked OMIG!!!! will oblige as soon as all elements are favourable (see neurons and grey matter getting together).

take care,

No hurry. I don't think Bilby will be up and running anytime soon either. (http://bilbythebilby.wordpress.com)
Hope all is good in Italy land.

I take it back. Bilby is way ahead of me. Done already.

Couple of things there to respond to:

• Your first ever blog post. Clearly I was 'late to the party' as always and had no idea about 'Space Hardware' until now. Great stuff, and I loved the Catcher In The Rye reference - one of my favourite books in the world!

• The Riverbend / Baghdad is Burning blog. Just read the last few posts there and I can see why you mentioned the tears. (They've just stopped running down my face too)

• Feeling ashamed by your country. I've always tried to find something to be proud of here. I always used to be proud of being British, and whilst abroad I hoped people would see from me that most of us Brits are tolerant, intelligent, articulate and well-mannered. Nowadays you can add ashamed to that list, and I feel like I need to add that even though most of us are all of the above, our government clearly are not.

Again, being late to the party, I had no idea about the Guardian best blogs mention. Congratulations, very much deserved congratulations.

Great read on the reasons - nice one.


Thanks for the tag - will get on it right away!

Whatta yer mean, right away? We're still waiting Rachie.

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