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March 23, 2007


'This' grabs me very well. I look forward to more of this. Is the streetfood scene pretty small? The photos of yours I've looked at on flickr look great, but the streets are pretty barren in comparison to Vietnam.

However, the kitchen where you work must have a story or two. And one other thing, is there such a thing as an English language guide to Nicaraguan cuisine? Or is Nicaraguan cusines too limited/uninteresting etc.? Whatever, keep us posted. There must be some firey chillis down there somewhere...

Streetfoodwise there doesn't appear to be much. Then again there is a big carnival in a couple of weekends. I'll hopefully check that out.

There's an awful lot of hotdogs being sold here - that's streetfood.

As for firey - that was a let down. Nicas don't like spicey. Really. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants around but they are aimed at tourists.

Traditional food - beans, rice, plantanos, Etc There's a place up in the parque that does a good plateful. I'll head there with my camera.

I look forward to it with empty stomach :)

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